In order to reset a lost zope admin (superuser in zope parlance) password, you need to create an emergency superuser. To do this change to your Zope INSTANCE_HOME which is the directory containing ‘var/Data.fs’ (On my server it is /var/opt/zope/default) and run the following:

$ echo ‘super:janitor’ > access

Then restart Zope, and log in as ‘super’, with password ‘janitor’.

You will now be able to reset the “real” superuser’s password with the following proceedure:

  1. Click on acl_users in the list. This displays the acl_users page.

  2. Click on the manager name whose password needs to be reset. This displays the Change User page.

  3. In the Password field enter a new password and then re-enter it in the Confirm field.

  4. Click the Change button.

  5. Since you are still logged in as the Zope administrator, you must log out and log in again using your manager name and password (as the administrator role only allows you to create and modify manager information).

After you have finished changing the real superuser’s password you should delete the ‘access’ file that you created previously and restart zope once again to get rid of the emergency super user login.
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