Well, as many of you know, things with my company Suntel have been a bit unclear since my business partner went to work for our largest partner company (Vodafone). After many discussions, much soul searching, and several months of uncertainty (Including considering a move back to Australia) I am happy to say that I have started working with a great team of people at AirTies Wireless Networks as the “R&D Manager, VoIP Systems”.

AirTies is very strong in the ADSL and Wireless market in Turkey with several million deployed devices, but is really just getting started in the voice market (To be fair the voice market is just getting started in Turkey also). We have some existing combo VoIP Gateway / Router products, but we have significant work ahead of us to become a serious player in the VoIP industry.

Turk Telekom is currently in the process of un-bundling the local loop, and alternate operators should be able to assign and route local Turkish telephone numbers over IP by the end of the year, so it should be an exciting ride!

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