Below is a quote by Simon Higgs on a mailing list I am subscribed to which I think bears thinking about. I have copied it verbatim: “The amount of music online & on MP3 players isn’t relational to the market size. The reality is that the market ISN’T there. Just like the iPods are not actually there because of warranty/replacement issues, there just aren’t the consumer $$$s to go around the market. Fifteen years ago $100/mo. would buy you 10 CDs. Now it buys you a DSL/cable feed, 1000 cell phone minutes and maybe a CD if you’ve got anything left over. Forget gaming and software. The average person can’t afford all of them and buy CDs @ $17.98 as well. Record labels know this which is why they are getting hot and bothered by where their 1990 dollars are now going. Their answer is $2.50 for a 30 second ring-tone. It isn’t a revenue stream, it’s revenge..”

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